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The marvellous, suggestive cellar, insulated by the bed-rock it is carved from, is the ideal environment for storing and aging the near 2000 hectolitres of wine at a constant temperature of 18° C throughout the year. Thanks, partly, to its wonderful architecture, it is widely appreciated by the many tourists who come here on wine-tasting tours and who, as well as admiring the building itself, can also taste and enjoy fine wines directly from our cellar.




A Family Tradition

In 1860, Eleonora and Giovanni de Lutiis, small producers of table wine, built a marvellous new building  on the main street or "Corso" in Tocco Da Casauria. The building had a large, well-ventilated, underground cellar, designed for aging fine-vintage bottles of wine which would be given to friends or opened on special occasions.
The production and sale of wine directly from the cask continued with their heir Carolina, who, together with her daughter Nunziatina and Virgilio Guardiani, Nunziatina’s husband, printed their first label in 1930. The family’s vocation continued and their son, Domenico Guardiani, together with Maria Farchione, his wife, bottled the first Montepulciano d’Abruzzo label, marked "TENUTA DEL CEPPETE"  indicating provenance from the vineyards own holdings, in 1974.
They manage the company with dedication and enthusiasm and their son, Paolo, has inherited the same tenacious determination. With his wife, Stefania, at his side, Paolo runs the family business, passed down from father to son for four generations, with that same  dedication and just as much enthusiasm.
The Vineyard is still run from the same location, in the Guardiani family’s historic building.
The wonderful, suggestive cellar, insulated by the bed-rock it is carved out from, is not only the ideal environment for aging fine-vintage wines, but it is also a destination for the many tourists who come to admire its architectural beauty.


This project is fruit of the collaboration between Guardiani Farchione and Sandro Baliva, the chef and driving force behind the renowned Madonna delle Vigne restaurant in Celano.   Read more...



Point of Sale in Pescara

Guardiani Farchione products
are available from the Campagna Amica store at  Via Milano n. 30, Pescara.

Our customers are guaranteed that they are taking home fresh produce and products of the very highest quality.
Meat, cold meats, honey, bread, pasta, cheeses, wine and oil and, especially, our fruit and vegetables are not only completely organic, but are also sold directly from the producer.

The project is not run by a sales manager, but, rather, by Antonio Bracciale of the Antico Feudo Agriturismo, near Ortona, who is an agricultural producer, in collaboration with Stefania Ricci from the Guardiani Farchione company in Tocco da Casauria.

The 2013 Harvest
We anticipate a very fine vintage – further information and pictures will be available shortly.


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